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Do you have sound absorbing ceilings and wall panels for home environments?

In home environments, it is usually suitable to use sound absorbing tiles and wall panels for gluing directly to the ceiling or the wall instead of using suspended grid systems. The Parafon range includes Parafon Royal and Parafon Direct, which are glued with an 8 mm gap between the tiles and which we recommend for home environments.

Is it possible to glue Parafon Buller, edge A?

Yes, you can glue Buller edge A directly to the substrate, but since the Buller products are relatively soft and of low-density, there is a great risk of damaging the surface when the panels are exposed to high pressure against when fixing. Therefore, this is not something we generally recommend. If you still want to glue Parafon Buller, be extra careful with the handling and follow the instructions on the glue packaging. The thicker / heavier boards that are glued, the larger amount of glue should be used. We recommend using edge-sealed Buller and leaving an 8 mm wide gap between the tiles for the best appearance, as the thickness of the boards is not exactly identical.

Do the products meet the environmental requirements?

All Parafon products content are declared in ebvds and are assessed in "Byggvarubedömningen" for the Swedish market. In addition, EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) with life cycle analysis have been executed and published in EPD Norway.

Can the products be recycled?

The Parafon products contain Parafon stonewool and are recyclable.

Can Parafon Step Direct be mounted on a wall?

Parafon Step Direct is glued directly on to the foundation and can therefore be glued to the wall as well as to the ceiling. Step Direct is primarily intended as a ceiling and is not an impact resistant product for walls. Step Direct should therefore only be installed where there is no risk of being exposed to shocks, impacts, heavy soiling or other damage.

Do your sound absorbing ceilings and wall panels pass the highest sound absorption class A?

15 and 18 mm thick Parafon acoustic ceilings have sound absorption class A at 200 mm construction height. 40 mm or thicker tiles have class A even for direct mounting. All Parafon acoustic ceilings have test values for direct mounting up to 700 mm construction height. Absorption values of 200 mm construction height and in some cases direct assembly are declared with sound absorption curves and tables on each product page. For information on the absorption properties of specific products at other construction heights, please contact a representative of Parafon. You 'll find phone numbers to our product experts on our contact page.

What fire classification do your tiles have?

Parafon acoustic ceilings have, with a few exceptions, the highest fire class, A1 and A2-s1, d0 according to EN ISO 13501-1. This means that they are non-combustible and do not contribute to flashover in case of a fire. The base material in all Parafon acoustic panels is non-combustible Parafon stonewool which has a melting temperature of around 1000˚C. This means that the panels do not melt but keep their shape well when heated in case of a fire.

Can Parafon stonewool sound absorbing ceilings and wall panels be installed in the outdoors?

Parafon products are intended for indoor use. We cannot guarantee the appearance of the products or any changes or defects that may occur when they are mounted outdoors. The stonewool as a material is moisture-resistant and durable, but surfaces of Parafon acoustic products are not intended to be exposed to weather, wind or any contaminations, but are tested, declared and CE-marked for indoor use.

Do you have any grid systems for humid environments?

Yes, we have a grid system from Armstrong Ceilings that has reinforced corrosion resistance - Prelude T24 CR.

Can the tiles be ordered in any color?

Several of our acoustic ceilings are available in any NCS-colours of your personal preference. This is applicable in our product series; Parafon Colortone, Parafon Palette and Parafon Step. See the respective product page for more information.

Is it possible to get Parafon Hygiene sound absorbing ceilings in different colours?

No, Parafon Hygiene which is a washable, extra durable acoustic ceiling can only be provided in white.

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