Creating spaces that simply sound better.

Sound absorbers from Skövde

At Parafon we help customers create interior spaces that have great acoustics and that make people happy.

We realize this with our acoustic ceilings and wall absorbers that are produced in 100 % natural stone wool and which can be used in many different types of projects.

We are proud to be Nordic, and we highly value our local production of goods and materials.

Our mission

It is our mission to challenge the world of acoustics and to create optimal soundscapes. With our Nordic heritage we know how to keep things simple, yet purposefully beneficial for you. The acoustics in a room affect us humans in many different ways and we dedicate each day to give our customers the right conditions to create spaces where people thrive and feel good.

We use stone wool to manufacture sound absorbers, a naturally durable and noncombustible material in order to fulfill the Nordic market's high demand on fire safety, sustainability and design.

Our culture

We are Nordic - in our way of doing business, in our way of working with sustainability and in our project solutions.

Our products suit various types of assemblies and solutions. That being said, our acoustic specialists always like a good challenge. So, when our customers have unusual and special demands, we are thrilled to jump in and create unique and specialized solutions.

Our values

We believe it should be easy to build interiors that are flexible and at the same time enjoyable both for eyes and ears. Beautiful, stylish designs and high quality sound conditions contribute to healthier indoor environments for us humans. We create these conditions for our customers focusing on sustainability and safety. This is how we at Parafon support economic, social and environmental sustainability that both business and people benefit from.

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