Parafon® Royal

Parafon Royal is a unique and exclusive acoustic tile for direct installation on ceilings using adhesive. All visible edges are covered with coloured glass-fibre felt, which gives a clean and elegant appearance and makes Parafon Royal useful for sound absorption even in aesthetically sensitive environments. Can be mounted whole covering, in a group or individually, and provide quick improvement of problematic acoustic environments such as e.g. stairwells, laundry rooms, assembly halls and canteens. The core consists of non-combustible mineral wool and the surface is coloured glass-fibre felt and available in the colours White and Cement.

Product specifications

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Sound absorption class
Up to class A
Usage conditions
May be used continuously in 95 % relative humidity at a temperature of 30˚C, occasionally also at 100 % and 40 ˚C
Indoor Environment
M1. Danish Indoor Climate Labelling class 2.

Dimensions and acoustics

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Width x Length (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Weight (kg/m²)
Sound absorption
600 x 1200
The sound absorption has been measured according to ISO 354. The absorption values and classes are calculated according to ISO 11654. NRC according to ASTM C 423.
Diagram showing the sound absorption by means of a sound curve for Parafon Royal installed directly to the soffit. Edge Ar. Thickness 50 mm. The language on the diagram is English.

Other details

Min. suspension height for demounting
Not demountable

Other details

Min. suspension height for demounting  Not demountable


Pre painted glass fiber surface layer. Backside: thin glass fiber tissue.


Covered edges. Same coating as visible surface.


Mounting directly to the substrate by gluing, recommended to leave a 8 mm gap between the tiles.
Using a soft brush, by vacuum cleaning or by wiping with a damp cloth or sponge.
Disposal & Recycling
Fully recyclable stone wool.


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