Teetanium LG24
The Teetanium LG24 is a fire-punched T-24 galvanized steel suspension system with high torsional strength from the manufacturer Cipriani. The LG 24 cross tees has extra long overlapping "tongues" facilitating the installation and are connected with audible click system.

Product specifications

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Product information

Facing material
Polyester - melamine
White (Closest NCS S 0502-G, Gloss factor 19-25)
Clean with mild household cleaner and a soft cloth. Before cleaning the grid remove the ceiling tiles to prevent cleaning solution or dirt from getting on the tiles.
Usage conditions
Suspended ceiling substructure components for indoor use


Load bearing capacity
See producer´s information.
Corrosion class
Usage conditions

Grids & accessories

ComponentLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Colour
Main runner Teetanium LG2437002438White
Cross tee Teetanium LG2412002433White
Cross tee Teetanium LG246002425White
Cross tee Teetanium HD2418002438White
Perimeter trim30002121White
Shadowline3000(14 + 17)(17 + 8.5)White


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