Prelude T-24 Sixty²
Prelude T-24 Sixty² is an exposed 24 mm T-grid system (nominal). Double Peakform Main Runner section requiring less suspension points and compatible with Prelude T-24 XL² and TLX Cross Tees.

Product specifications

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Product information

Facing material
Baked polyester paint
Global white, nearest RAL 9003/NCS 0502-B
Clean with mild household cleaner and a soft cloth. Before cleaning the grid remove the ceiling tiles to prevent cleaning solution or dirt from getting on the tiles.


Corrosion class
Usage conditions

Grids & accessories

ComponentLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Colour
Universal Main runner Prelude 24 Sixty36002462White
Cross tee Prelude 24 Sixty24002462White
Cross tee Prelude 24 Sixty18002462White
Top connector clip5736


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